15 Awesome Facts About Your Voice


I’ve been tweeting and facebooking like crazy in the past three weeks because of the Kickstarter campaign for How Your Voice Works. So it was absolutely lovely when Suzy St. George of TakeLessons.com, a site I’ve been following for awhile, reached out to ask if we might like to share content. She sent me a few links and this one stood out. Why? Because so many of the things on this beautiful infographic are what you’re going to learn in the How Your Voice Works online class! Yay!!

I love good, solid information, and TakeLessons.com has an abundance of it. So I highly suggest you check out their site, follow them on twitter and like them on facebook.

Enjoy the fun facts below… #2 was new info for me!




You’ve Found Us!

Welcome to Speak With Your Whole Self, the Voice Body Connection blog!

Let’s be honest, sometimes communicating is neither easy nor confidence-boosting. After all, our voice is a mysterious thing. It’s a metaphor that reflects our identity, and at the same time it’s made up of the muscles, bones and organs of our body. Even if you’re a seasoned performer or public speaker, your voice may sometimes betray you just when you’re relying on it most, like in the middle of an audition or a presentation.

The good news is that there are countless strategies to help you communicate with more confidence and ease. Voice Body Connection is here to help.